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DIY Credit Restoration

Purchasing a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) credit repair program can be a valuable choice for individuals looking to improve their credit scores and financial well-being on a budget.


By taking a DIY approach, individuals actively participate in the credit repair process. This can be an empowering experience, as it enables them to learn about credit, dispute processes, and financial management.


DIY programs allow you to tailor your credit repair efforts to your specific needs. You can focus on disputing inaccuracies, negotiating with creditors, and implementing strategies that align with your unique credit situation.


DIY credit repair programs often come with educational resources and guides that can help individuals understand credit reporting, the factors influencing their scores, and how to maintain good credit habits.

Our Packages

DIY Credit

Traditional Version
$ 59
One Time
  • A Step-by-Step Guide
  • A 41-page illustrated eBook
  • The Mindset for Credit Restoration
  • A 12-Module Credit Education Course
  • A Detailed List of Reporting Agencies
  • DIY Letter Inventory
  • 3 Credit Bureau Dispute Forms
  • 48 DIY Letter Templates
  • Google Docs / Microsoft Word

DIY Credit

Automated Version
$ 34
Per Month
  • Create An Account
  • Enter Your Personal Information
  • Verify your Personal Information
  • Purchase Score Connection for $34.99
  • The system will scan your report for negative items
  • Dispute the negative or incorrect accounts
  • Print and Mail letters within the program
  • Repeat the process if necessary
  • And that's it!

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