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Why Metanoia

If you’re searching for a PROVEN method to take control of your finances, unlock the potential to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month, and harness those savings to shape the future you truly desire, you’ve come to the right place. If you are struggling with your finances and want to learn how to create a budget, save money, pay off debt, and invest in your future, then this program is perfect for you.

Me & Metanoia

Metanoia is a financial coaching program that played a crucial role in transforming my financial situation. Gone are the days of living paycheck to paycheck and relying on credit cards to make ends meet. Fast forward 2 years since Metanoia transformed my life, and today, I’m thrilled to be teaming up with them as a financial success coach, poised and prepared to help you embark on your own life-changing journey.

Metanoia Program

Along with this proven 4-Step Money Management System you will receive one-on-one coaching and weekly strategy calls with Coach Fernando Velasco, the owner and mastermind behind the Metanoia program, you will also have access to a wealth of resources, including financial education modules, budgeting tools, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. 

For Our Students

Our goal is to help you develop financial literacy and confidence, so you can take control of your finances, achieve financial freedom and change your trajectory. If you are interested in learning more about the Metanoia program and how we can help you achieve your financial goals, please let me know. It would be my pleasure to guide you towards your financial success.

My Journey With Metanoia

The Breaking Point...

I was at a breaking point financially.

Even though I earned a good amount of money, I had a hard time managing my expenses and paying my bills. I had to use credit cards to meet my basic needs, but this created a risky pattern where I kept reaching the maximum limit on my cards and had trouble paying the minimum amount required. As the months went by, my debt increased, and the minimum payments I had to make almost doubled. I felt like I was running out of time and started getting really worried about my situation.

I didn’t think having a budget was important. It seemed like a good idea to plan and keep track of all my expenses, but I didn’t think it would work in real life. The thought of restricting my spending seemed unrealistic. For example, if I had already spent all the money in my budget and my car needed gas, I couldn’t just leave it sitting there—I had to spend money on gas. However, as my financial situation kept deteriorating, I realized I had to find a solution to solve my money troubles.

A New Beginning...

In February 2022, I came across an advertisement for a financial coaching program. The person leading the program was really enthusiastic about the budgeting system he had developed and said that his students were saving around $900 every month by using it. Usually, I would have dismissed the ad, thinking it was a trick, but this person seemed genuine. Also, the program had a guarantee – if I didn’t see the results they promised, I could get a refund. I was feeling desperate and didn’t have much to lose, so I decided to take a risk and enroll in the program.

Once I joined the financial coaching program, I had a personal meeting with Coach Fern. During this one-on-one session, I talked to him about my financial situation. He guided me in sorting out my income, expenses, and how I spent my money. It was the first time I had ever achieved such a high level of organization with my finances.

During the program’s masterclass, I discovered the correct method of budgeting and how to utilize a budgeting tool designed by Coach Fern. The coaching sessions were inspiring and encouraged me to be responsible for my financial decisions. I felt a strong sense of duty to not disappoint Coach Fern because he had offered me so much assistance.

When the first month came to an end, I was overjoyed to see that I was nearly balancing my finances. After going through a difficult time for so long, it felt like a triumph to have almost enough money.

By the end of the second month, I was astonished to see that I had saved a little over $300. It was truly surprising! I started to notice shifts in my spending habits, and I caught myself thinking more about where my money was going. Keeping up with the budget became effortless as I tracked all my expenses every day, and I felt less stressed when checking my bank account balance.

The things I’ve learned have changed my life completely. I’ve been able to pay off a large portion of my debt and have begun to improve my credit. I feel really proud of these accomplishments.

To The Present...

In the past few years, Coach Fern and I have nurtured a robust friendship founded on mutual respect and shared goals. Recognizing my unwavering faith in his program, he graciously extended an invitation for me to join his esteemed team as a financial success coach at Metanoia. Needless to say, my excitement knew no bounds when I accepted the offer!

Helping individuals in their time of need has always been a deeply fulfilling endeavor for me. Guiding people towards financial success seamlessly aligns with my ongoing commitment to restoring credit scores, a cause I am deeply passionate about. It’s crystal clear that possessing strong money management skills is not just beneficial but pivotal in ensuring a solid and enduring credit standing. Joining forces with Metanoia allows me to combine my passion for assisting others with my expertise in credit restoration, creating a perfect synergy for empowering individuals on their journey to financial stability.

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Income Management

Can I enroll in all of the programs at the same time?

Absolutely,  the only caveat is they are billed separately since we partner with another company, Metanoia, for the Income Management program.

Does CFS have a discount for enrolling in more than one program?

CFS will apply 20% off credit restoration services and Student loan Resolution for the time that you are enrolled in more than one program.

Does Metanoia have a discount for enrolling in more than one program?

At this time Metanoia does not have a discount for enrolling in more than one program.

Can I enroll in Metanoia and not move forward with CFS?

Yes, absolutely!

Is there ever a conflict of interest?

There is not and never will be a conflict of interest with any facet of the partnership.

What type of partnership is there between the two companies?

I am the Owner and CEO of Cornelius Financial Solutions and I am also a financial success coach for Metanoia.

Will you be my coach for Metanoia?

Traditionally speaking, yes, unless you would like to join the program and request a different coach.

How long have you been a Financial Success coach for Metanoia?

I began as a Financial Success coach for Metanoia in December of 2022.

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